3D-ONE develops versatile solutions

that combine imaging, application-specific sensors and computing power
into intelligent OEM solutions for applications where today’s vision systems
are too bulky, too expensive or too inflexible.

Multi-Sensor SolutionsHyperspectral Solutions3D Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Light weight all-in-1 solution

for fusion of cameras, sensors and intelligence
Designed for OEMs building intelligent mobile systems


See the visible and invisible using daylight, nightvision, and hyperspectral cameras, and integrate them with manual or motorized MFT lenses


Fuse camera data with position, motion and other sensors. 3D-ONE will assist in hassle free integration by supporting OEM customers during a design-in process making all sensors work together

Make Sense

Add intelligence by embedding application specific decision making to the on-board computer. Stream data in real-time to a built in drive or to an external device


Hyperspectral Solutions

Classify the invisible value of 1000 colors

Integrated intelligent systems for OEMs setting new standards in sorting and grading


Real-time optical inspection to allow for in-line discriminating power


Modular design and distributed intelligence keeps pace with the ever growing amount of measurement data


No moving mechanical parts result in cost-effective solutions and increased reliability

Stereoscopic 3D Solutions

Sensational 3D brings reality closer

Real-time solutions accommodating fully synchronized optical zoom designed for OEMs who improve ergonomics in stereovision

Sensational 3D

Full HDTV stereoscopic 3D camera for crisp and real-time 3D imaging to increase the immersive experience

Bring reality closer

The accurate alignment of the optics combined with the optical zoom function allows for recording of objects in 3D within a short range to inspect regions of interest

Digital Recording

Use digital recording in 3D to document your inspections

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