2015 in review

During a review of the year 2015 we realized that 3D-ONE made great steps forward in various new embedded vision solutions for emerging markets. We successfully supported our highly valued OEM customers adding visual intelligence to their system. In this article – at the start of 2016 – we like to share some of the accomplishments of 2015 that make us proud:

Hyperspectral Imaging

field-hyperspectral-hdAs development partner to Belgium research institute IMEC we have integrated multiple sensors into a single system to provide a large spectral sensitivity. Because of its low mass the system is ideally for use in unmanned aerial vehicles for remote sensing applications like precision farming. The system includes the processing engine to allow for real-time pre-processing of the hyperspectral data. The processing engine takes care of a correct reconstruction of the datacube including the GNSS, IMU and a spectrometer data that measures the spectrum of the incoming light. A high performance embedded computer is included to incorporate spectral analysis algorithms.


Big data

For the emerging market of big data we developed a multi sensor solution for geo-referenced data collection. We helped customers who capture the environment with the development of a spherical vision system using our versatile OEM building blocks. Our platform captures spherical multi-megapixel images and accurately stamp the image data with the geographical and motion data from the GNSS & IMU. This allows for a correct stitching and to stabilize the image by cancelling out the vehicle motion that occured during image acquisition. The platform includes real-time image overlays and compression algorithms supporting for streaming of all acquired data to the included mass storage device.



In 3D imaging we continued to supply our stereoscopic camera that take advantage of a full-HD resolution in combination with motorized zoom optics and advanced electronics to provide a remote immersive viewing experience. We integrated the camera in highly specialized applications including a rover at Kennedy’s Space Centre and various robotic applications for remote visual inspection.


Office movePandfoto_01

To allow for a continuation of our growth 3D-ONE moved office in Q4 of 2015. This new office is located in Warmond, only 15 minutes south from Schiphol airport. The new building offers an environment where our vision specialists collaborate in an open office space for the development of new solutions. It houses a state of the art Optics Lab to conduct research and support our clients with proof of concept. For series delivery and technical support of our OEM clients, the new building houses an assembly and test facility and three large class 1.000 clean rooms.


Revised website

During the christmas season we revised our website into a more compact design. The website now provides the newest datasheets and a targeted overview of our customer values, activities and way of working.

For 2016 we look forward again to help our customer gaining visual intelligence!