About Us

3D-ONE’s was founded in 2007 by Cosine Measurement Systems for the development of a 3D stereoscopic camera systems for deployment in the international space station. Since this development 3D-ONE pioneered the 3D imaging technology and managed to develop a groundbreaking solution to combine 3D imaging in combination with optical zoom without any compomise to image quality.


Today 3D-ONE offers embedded solutions that combine multiple vision sensors with acquisition hardware and onboard computing power. We focus on OEM customers who are looking for products that offer an optimal ratio between performance and form factor to create powerful smart visual systems. 3D-ONE’s solutions are used in unmanned systems, Geo-referenced mass data collection systems and smart vision systems that need to identify the nature of objects using hyperspectral technologies.

3D-ONE has in house vision engineers with a back ground in optics, electronics and software to build customized solutions for OEM customers. We outstand the industry by offering OEM customers a short time to market by maintaining a set of building blocks to build custom solutions for challenging measurement tasks. These building blocks include sensors for data acquisition, processing hardware and video processing libraries. 3D-ONE configured HYPERview, TWINview and STEREOview as these configurations are most commonly used in mobile systems. Starting a new project using one of these pre-configured platforms will lead to an even shorter time to market.


To further discover how 3D-ONE can support you developing an embedded solution tailored to your application please refer to ‘Our-Way-of-Working’