Avior series with RGB+NIR Multispectral sensor

3D-ONE extends the Avior series with a multi-spectral model to acquire an RGB+NIR image from a single camera.

The new model (M4VNIR) features a 4-band multi-spectral sensor for snapshot acquisition of RGB+NIR images. Customers can now benefit from a single camera solution to replace today’s complex 2-camera set-ups for RGB/NIR imaging. The sensor includes micro-lenses to improve the quantum efficiency & sensor response.

Key features:

  • Snapshot imaging
  • Acquires up to 120fps, 2048×1088 pixels
  • 4 bands for RGB+NIR imaging
  • CameraLink-mini & PoCL
  • Low power, Low mass, Compact outline

Key applications areas:

  • Medical imaging
  • Surveillance
  • Food processing

About Avior
The Avior cameras are designed for OEM customers seeking a compact and robust solution for multi- and  hyperspectral imaging. The industry standard CameraLink interface guarantees a reliable data transfer and robust synchronization. The interface features PoCL to enable single cable operation of the camera.
The design of the camera is optimized for size and weight while the camera operates at a low and stable temperature to offer a good noise performance. The output of the unprocessed image data provides customers the flexibility to using their own spectral processing and optical technologies.

Series production of this new model has started. Customer specific modifications are available on request.

About 3D-ONE
3D-ONE develops vision solutions for OEM customers who build vision enabled products. Our offerings include cameras & data acquisition hardware where we strive to reach the optimal ratio between size, weight and performance. We offer solutions in hyperspectral; 3D and RGB & Thermal imaging.

Our team of vision engineers are available to support OEM customers to develop embedded solutions for advanced optical measurement tasks.
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