Hyperspectral solutions for OEM customers

Recent developments in sensor techniques have poised hyperspectral imaging to enter the mainstream of remote sensing and machine vision like applications. Interpreting hyperspectral data into meaningful decisions is a process where significant amounts of calibrated data have to be processed. The use of standard monochromatic cameras retrofitted with a sensor for hyperspectral imaging however will most likely result in an overflow of uncalibrated data. 3D-ONE’s embedded solutions however take advantage of integrated processing power to provide meaningful measurement data and to incorporate sensor calibration and data reduction schemes.
Target applications can be found in remote sensing and machine vision.


For remote sensing applications, e.g. precision agriculture using UAV’s, the platform operates 2 mosaïc sensors for real-time snapshot acquisition of hyperspectral images in the visible (VIS) and the near infrared (NIR) range. To set-up your measurement campaign with minimum development effort the 2 sensors and processing engine are integrated in a black anodized alu. casing ready for mounting in off-the-shelf gimbals. The casing includes a GPS sensor for geo-referencing of the image data and a 250GB mass storage device.


For machine vision type of applications, e.g. sorting of objects on a conveyor belt, the camera features IMEC’s latest VNIR 140+ band linescan sensor for scanning in the 470-900nm range. Scanning a scene with this technology results in a large number of spectral images with a horizontal resolutions of 2048 pixels. The camera includes a processing engine to pre-process the hyperspectral datacube and store these into the mass storage device for retrospective analysis.
In these set-ups the processing engine is also available to control the light-source and conveyor belt and to interact with a man-machine interface.

Through our long year experience in hyperspectral imaging 3D-ONE is able to support OEM customers in applying hyperspectral imaging for specific measurement tasks. This support includes the reproduction and interpretation of the spectral data as well as selecting the most appropriate sensor for the application. This process will result in a solution for the best technical fit before entering series production.

We look forward to helping our customers gain spectral intelligence!

About 3D-ONE:
3D-ONE outstands the industry by offering flexible solutions for capturing data from multiple sensor and combine these with embedded processing power to deliver meaningful measurement data.
3D-ONE’s solutions integrate optical sensors for daylight, shortwave & thermal infrared as well as hyperspectral imaging with data processing and are optimised for performance, weight and size.