Multi-sensor hyperspectral image system

3D-ONE is a dutch company developing multi-sensor vision solutions optimised for performance, weight and size.  3D-ONE’s solutions integrate optical sensors for daylight imaging, as well as shortwave infrared, thermal infrared, and hyperspectral image cameras with a data processing engine and mission sensors for system integration at OEM customers.

At Intergeo-2015 we introduced a dual sensor platform for hyperspectral imaging in both the visible and near-infrared range. The platform is designed to acquiring, processing and analysing data captured by multi-spectral cameras. 20151208_IntergeoPicture GEOConnexionThe platform operates in snapshot mode and captures 40 spectral band per each image acquisition in the 465 – 1000nm range. The system takes advantage of IMEC’s sensor technology with a filter bonded to the silicon. These new sensors do not require a complex optical set-up with a dispersion element allowing to build a truly light weight hyperspectral imaging system. The total system including 2 cameras and the processing hardware weighs less than 500g and even lower mass is achievable through tailoring the solution.

A proprietary acquisition and processing engine is included for pre-processing of the sensor data. The engine captures data from the 2 camera front-ends and in parallel data from the GPS, IMU and irradiance sensor. The engine is equipped with a powerful FPGA to transform the sensor data into a spatially reconstructed datacube. The data from the irradiance sensor is used to correct for the illuminating spectrum while the GPS data is processed with the camera data for an accurate location stamp tagged to each cube. All of these processing steps are performed in real-time.

Functional DiagramAfter all data is pre-processed into actionable information it is delivered to the PCIe bus that hosts a powerful QSeven standard embedded computer. A wide variety of Intel or ARM based Linux  processors are available to embed spectral analysis algorithms and to stream the data to a mass storage device connected to the SATA interface. This processor is also used for generation of image overlays, real-time data compression or encryption.

The low mass and low power consumption of this platform make it a unique solution for OEM’s building battery operated systems. Applications can be found in unmanned vehicles for remote sensing such as UAV’s for precision agriculture or any mobile device that needs to store hyperspectral data collected in the field.

For additional information please contact Marco van Hout at 3D-ONE.

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