Our way of working

Each product is unique and requires its specific implementation of our embedded vision systems. To minimize the risk of failure and ensure a product that is ready to enter volume manufacturing we work according a 5 stage project approach. The turn-around time of each phase is depending on the complexity of the required solution. Solutions that are based on our common platforms that do not require hardware changes can be brought into production with a very short turn-around time


The discovery phase is where the customer and 3D-ONE get acquainted and share information on the challenging project to embed multiple (vision) sensors into a solution for smart visual decision making. We will discover the critical succes factors of the project and gain a solid understanding of the true technical challenges from which the question originates.


After the discovery phase 3D-ONE will outline the project plan and detailed specifications in close co-operation the customer. This will result in a project proposal that covers the development and validation phase to the point that the solution will enter series production. The proposal is based upon a fixed price budget covering for the development cost; the prototyping and integration support of the defined solution.


During this phase 3D-ONE will design the proposed solution as specified in the detailing phase. This includes the delivery of a prototype to support system integration at the customer and the required documentation such as 3D drawings, electronics and software interface documents and test & verification documents.


This phase is used for debugging and qualification of the prototype and to prepare for series production. It includes integration support from 3D-ONE both remote and on-site. Specific qualification processes such as CE or FCC will be supported during this phase and 3D-ONE will prepare its infrastructure for series production. This phase will be concluded by a release for production and a proposal for the series delivery.


3D-ONE facilitates for high-tech/high-mix series production and acceptance test of the solutions developed for OEM customers. The test procedures are adapted to customer’s incoming inspection to allow for a high-yield in the manufacturing chain.